I am interested in behavioural ecology with main interest in avian brood parasitism, personality and breeding ecology.


2007 - MSc in Physical Education Teaching and Biology Teaching

2011 - PhD in Zoology

Publications (Google Scholar Profile)

--- 2017 ---

Grim T., Tyller Z. & Samaš P. 2017: Unusual diet of brood parasite nestlings and its fitness consequences. Auk 134: 732-750.

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--- 2016 ---

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Samaš P., Rutila J. & Grim T. 2016: The common redstart as a suitable model to study cuckoo-host coevolution in a unique ecological context. BMC Evolutionary Biology 16: 255.

--- 2015 ---

Dinets V., Samaš P., Croston R., Grim T. & Hauber M. E 2015: Predicting the responses of native songbirds to trans-oceanic invasions by brood parasites. Journal of Field Ornithology 86(3): 244-251.

Hanley D., Samaš P., Heryán J., Hauber M. E. & Grim T. 2015: Now you see it, now you don't: flushing hosts prior to experimentation can predict their responses to brood parasitism. Scientific Reports 5: 9060.

Hanley D., Samaš P., Hauber M. E. & Grim T. 2015: Who moved my eggs? An experimental test of the clutch arrangement hypothesis for the rejection of brood parasitic eggs. Animal Cognition 18(1): 299-305.

--- 2014 ---

Grim T., Samaš P., Procházka P. & Rutila J. 2014: Are tits really unsuitable hosts for the Common Cuckoo? Ornis Fennica 91(3): 166-177.

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--- 2013 ---

Samaš P
., Heryán J. & Grim T. 2013: How does urbanization affect dispersal in blackbirds? Sylvia 49: 21-38. (in Czech, summary in English)

Trnka A., Požgayová M., Samaš P. & Honza M. 2013: Repeatability of host female and male aggression towards a brood parasite. Ethology 119(10): 907-917.

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--- 2012 ---

Samaš P., Polaciková L., Hauber M. E., Cassey P. & Grim T. 2012: Egg rejection behaviour and clutch characteristics of the European Greenfinch introduced to New Zealand. Chinese birds 3(4): 330-338.

--- 2011 ---

Samaš P
., Hauber M. E., Cassey P. & Grim T. 2011: Repeatability of foreign egg rejection: testing the assumptions of co-evolutionary theory. Ethology 117(7): 606-619.

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--- 2009 ---

Igic B., Cassey P., Samaš P., Grim T. & Hauber M. E. 2009: Cigarette butts form a perceptually cryptic component of song thrush Turdus philomelos nests. Notornis 56(3): 134-138.

* equal first authors

Peter Samaš


Institute of Vertebrate Biology
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Kvetná 8
CZ-60365, Brno, Czech Republic

Email:  psamas(at)seznam.cz