I am interested in behavioural ecology with main interest in avian brood parasitism, personality and breeding ecology.


2007 - MSc in Physical Education Teaching and Biology Teaching

2011 - PhD in Zoology

Publications (Google Scholar Profile)

--- 2021 ---

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--- 2020 ---

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Ibis 162: 90–103.

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--- 2019 ---

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--- 2018 ---

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--- 2017 ---

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--- 2016 ---

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--- 2015 ---

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--- 2014 ---

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--- 2013 ---

Samaš P
., Heryán J. & Grim T. 2013: How does urbanization affect dispersal in blackbirds? Sylvia 49: 21-38. (in Czech, summary in English)

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--- 2012 ---

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--- 2011 ---

Samaš P
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--- 2009 ---

Igic B., Cassey P., Samaš P., Grim T. & Hauber M. E. 2009: Cigarette butts form a perceptually cryptic component of song thrush Turdus philomelos nests. Notornis 56: 134-138.

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Peter Samaš


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